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Date: Saturday August 18th 2018

From The Desk Of
Carolyn Hansen & Scott Case

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If there wasn't real money in building my list of health-obsessed subscribers I would have stopped long ago. Instead, I've maintained my efforts for almost a decade.

Now I'm inviting you to join me for a NEW series of list building events (at yet to be determined dates) that will help you swell your list with subscribers eager to put money in your bank account every time you place a good offer in front of them.
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Still feel the need to know more about what's at stake?

Consider this - in the US alone Americans spend $40 billion a year on weight loss products alone, according to

That's just ONE slice of the health market which is so HUGE I could spend hours writing about all the different afflictive maladies in need of balms and cosmetic shortcomings in search of self-improvement strategies that deliver fast and reliable results.

Health and wellness, self-care, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, the disease and disorder markets... by themselves these are worth $150 billion per year.

Then there is skin care and anti-aging, the massive interest in this topic driven by the fears of baby boomers who happily inject $2.5 million DAILY into the market.
If you can help these groups of people in need live healthier, live longer, and continue to feel youthful...
In short, if you can make people FEEL BETTER about themselves and their lives, then I'd love for you to join me in this effort to build ours lists together and expand our reach.

As I mentioned already, I've been doing this for quite some time and I have learned a thing or two about what it takes to make prospective subscribers happy when it comes to running a giveaway event.

If you'd like to leverage my experience and benefit from my list-building know how, simply take a few seconds now to put yourself onto my Joint Venture Partner notification list (see the form below).

That way, each time I'm about to launch a new giveaway event I'll be able to contact you and invite you to join myself and the other participating partners in the event.

Trust me, if building a base of health-obsessed subscribers is something that speaks to the core of who you are and what you want to be doing in this business, you'll want to be on my notification list!


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Perks Enjoyed By The Big List Owner
  • You wake in the morning to discover that dozens of pesky top marketers have contacted you overnight looking for the opportunity to joint venture with you because of the size of your list. Yes, it's a problem having to sort through the offers from the gurus - but it's a problem you can live with!
  • You are able to bypass the headaches that come of having to find affiliates for your latest product because you can recruit them directly from your list of thousands. In fact, you have hundreds of affiliates watching your every move, ready to promote you at the drop of a hat.
  • You spot a lucrative product launch that gels with you because you know the vendor releasing it really knows their stuff. So you set aside 10 minutes from your morning to drop a recommendation to your list. Later that day the affiliate commissions start coming in and do not stop until you have earned enough to put a broad smile on your face for the rest of the day...
Perhaps by now you're thinking this sounds like quite an attractive lifestyle!

And it certainly can be. But as with everything, before you jump in you'll need to know the basics of what's required to get the most out of this opportunity.

So, if you'll allow me a moment, I'd like to fill you in on the finer details...
How Exactly Does A Giveaway Joint Venture Work?
The essence of the giveaway is the exchange of a gift, which you will be supplying, in return for the email address of anyone who decides to download your gift. So long as it meets theme and quality standards (see the next section) a gift can be any kind of digital goods or services that a user can immediately gain access to after submitting their email address to you.

For your part you will be required to provide the URL of a web page where the user can "opt-in" to your list and receive their gift. Because this is a Self Improvement giveaway event, the gift (or gifts) that you submit should have a self improvement theme.

Contributors will be REQUIRED to promote the event by contacting the people on their existing list and recommending to them the event.

Promoting the event is not difficult. Your subscribers will be happy to learn of an event that offers FREE ebooks, audio, and software for self improvement niches. In short, it is a win-win for both you and your subscribers:
  • Your subscribers win, because they get free products
  • You win, because you will get fresh new subscribers
How Do We Ensure Event Quality?
Part of the mission statement for All About Health Gifts is our pledge to run a quality event for our JV partners and the visitors they refer to our events.

In order to ensure such a high level of quality there are some actions we take that you should be aware of which result in the following:

    Visitors to our events WILL be expecting to find gifts that relate to Self Improvement (and especially Health) niches. To honor that expectation we MANUALLY APPROVE each gift that is submitted. If your gift is not on-theme, or is otherwise deemed to be of low quality, it WILL be rejected.

    In the interest of ensuring that every JV Partner's gift is seen by the maximum number of visitors we REQUIRE each and every partner to promote the event. As such, we AUTOMATICALLY TRACK your referrals. Contributors who do not promote the event and meet the required minimum quota of referred visitors will see their gifts demoted within (or removed entirely from) the event.

    There is nothing more frustrating for gift contributors than to enter an event only to discover later that other contributors have failed to live up to their responsibility to send quality traffic to the event. So we've taken action to ensure that every referred visitor who signs up does so only after they have cleared our bad email address scrubber Kickbox. That means contributors can only meet their traffic quotas by sending along real people with deliverable email addresses!
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